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Energy Workout via Skype

1 session: (1hr) $69
6 sessions: $390 ($65 per session)
12 sessions: $720 ($60 per session)
24 sessions: $1,272 ($53 per session)

In Person Energy Workout: (based on location and availability)

1 session: $79-$109
6 sessions: $75-$105
12 sessions: $70-$100
24 sessions: $63-$93

Other Services

Grocery Buddy

We travel to your local grocery store together where I will use your input and suggestions to help guide you in a nutritionally sound yet satisfying direction!

Skype via mobile device (1hr): $89

In Person Assistance (based on location): $99-129 (1hr)

30 minutes of energy work via Skype or Telephone: $55

Support Stones

A bag of beautiful mini gemstones programmed with up to 3 attributes of your choosing to help support you in reaching your goals.