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You Want to Take Away My What???!!!!

Posted by: Laura on April 27, 2013

Yesterday was a big day. I had the day off, and decided to spend it at the gynecologist’s office because sometimes, I make less than stellar decisions. Speaking of decisions, most of my reason for visiting was to ask some very important, personal and intimate questions regarding my recent thoughts of possibly becoming pregnant, such as how much alcohol and caffeine can’t I have. Ok, to be perfectly fair, I know there are things I’m going to have to live without for 9 months, but when I’m not even sure I want a baby in the first place – it makes it really hard to digest the fact that I will only be able to have ONE HALF OF ONE CUP OF COFFEE PER DAY. Did you read that right?? A 1/2 of a cup of coffee, A DAY. Um, excuse me Mr. Doctor, sir,  but I said I wanted to possibly have a baby, not commit suicide. “You could always just have some water and put some dark stuff into it” he proceeded to joke. REALLY??!!! YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT TO A WOMAN WHO TAKES HER CAFFEINE VERY SERIOUSLY, I thought silently to myself out of fear he may take away  even more of my beloved, sanity inducing delights. If I even hear him say one peep about bread, I’m leaving, this minute!

So, after asking a few other important questions, like ” why did you decide to become a gynecologist anyway?” because let’s face it – I wonder about that sort of thing, I decided I want to change Dr.’s. Not strictly because he was a man, wearing a matzo tie for passover whilst boasting about his opportunity to meet Bill Clinton a few weeks ago (I can’t make this stuff up, people!!) But because the 70’s style maxi-pads in his “for your use” cabinet, led me to believe his facts may be a little outdated, and who doesn’t deserve a second opinion when it comes to making such big decisions – like, do you take yours with or without cream?

photo copy

4 month practice pose for Facebook. Whatcha think??!

Ps. 3 days ago I told my husband I would do anything for a plain Domino’s pizza crust smothered in melted Hershey chocolate, rolled up like a burrito and dipped in caramel. Having these kinds of cravings while I’m not expecting, make me a little nervous…

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